About Me – Myself in a Snapshot

Hello and welcome to the Sterling Happiness blog!

My name is TM, and this is derived from the initials of my first name because my first name has been a challenge for most people to spell or pronounce! I personally believe that each of us is an individual and thus, unique. We have a great potential within us and the best way to bring forth this potential is to consciously pursue personal development and self-improvement. I also believe that by challenging myself, I will be able to progress in life, and any progress – be it physical, mental or spiritual will usually lead us to some kind of happiness.

And I would really like to explore and experience that and more in life, until I could say with honesty that I have achieved happiness of the sterling kind.

One little experiment that I have recently started running in order to achieve my personal financial freedom is: selling my own products on Amazon UK via its Fulfillment By Amazon) FBA channel!

So, amongst all the things that I share and document on this website, you will also read about my journey from the moment I decided to venture into this little ‘business’ to where I am now. I hope I will somehow be able to impart some knowledge to those who are thinking of selling on Amazon, specifically Amazon UK!

Anyway, I cannot be spending all my time working or writing on my blog… When I am neither working nor blogging, chances are I am somewhere reading something; or discovering a new place with my husband; or perhaps drinking coffee in a cosy little café; or busy chatting with my mum on the phone; or watching some films or tv shows in our living room; or I could be eating anywhere and everywhere while doing any of the above!