3 Easy Ways to Exercise Without Exercising

3 Easy Ways to Exercise Without ExercisingIn our daily lives, there are a lot of activities that we are already doing which constitute as some form of exercise. However, to ‘convert’ those daily activities into an exercise without actually exercising there are things that we can do more about them.


I am sure all of us walk a certain amount everyday. We might be walking to the tube stations, walking to the parking lot, walking from to the local convenient stores or walking to see someone on another floor in the office.  As we are already doing this anyway, why not challenge ourselves to go one step further? Instead of parking our car as close to the building as possible, why don’t we do the opposite and park further away so we can walk even more steps? If we normally take the tube from the station closest to our home, we can walk to the station which is the second closest to our home instead. By making these little changes, we are effectively making positive changes to our otherwise non-existence exercise routine!


I live in an apartment block in London without any elevator. So in my case, I naturally have to climb the stairs everyday and that means I do get some kind of exercise already. Nevertheless, if I want to move more and exercise without exercising, then I reckon I should do the same when I am at work. I sit on the second floor of the office building I work in. If I choose to use the stairs instead of heading for the elevator every time, I would already be climbing four flights of stairs multiply by four every week day at work. The extra two times of the climbing are done during lunch time. I am sure this is something you can do, too?


Get used to being as mobile as you can. You can offer to help anyone to fetch things from another room, you can get up and offer your colleagues to make rounds of coffee every now and then or you can help to carry grocery bags from the car.Without us even realising, we are not only moving but we are also doing stretching exercise when we do that 🙂

All these are little things that offer us the opportunity to move and improve our joint muscles. So there you are – all 3 easy ways to exercise without exercising!

*Photo credit: thomasrousing