My Personal Development Goals for October 2015

Tick tock tick tock… and in just a few days we will be in October. How time flies!

As I was lying in bed last night, I thought about what I want to work on and achieve in October. It would be a good idea to actually keep track of my own personal development goals here on Sterling Happiness. I hope to come back here a year later and be totally blown away by what I have done (or have not done) 😉

Anyway, given that I will be travelling for half of the month, I am not sure if this is a good time to kick start my personal Master Key System process. But then again, when will ever be a good time? I will ponder over this and might come back and add this as one of my goals. For now, I know for sure all the other things I would like to work on in October. In no particular order, here are my personal development goals for the month:

1. Read at least two books – fiction or non-fiction
I have not read a proper book for a while and I would like to pick up this habit again.

2. Spend 20 minutes on meditation every evening before going to bed
I would also like to meditate consistently as a way of de-stress. In fact, both reading and meditation are highly recommended as relaxation methods. I definitely could use a lot of relaxation at the moment 🙂

3. Wear my retainer to sleep every evening! (this may sound rather silly but I have been slacking and my teeth are starting to move from their ‘braced’ positions – not good)
This is kind of self-explanatory. I used to wear braces and they are now off and I would not want to have to pay for another round of braces due to my lack of discipline in wearing my evening retainers!

Well I will start with just the above for October. It is better to make incremental but sustainable improvements than to make a splash and give up halfway.

I hope and will consciously make the effort to keep these goals in check for October (and eventually beyond), so… wish me luck!

*Photo credit: quattrostagioni