Psoriasis and Me

Psoriasis and MePsoriasis. I have lived with it since I was ten. It’s been a part of me for almost as long as I’ve lived. In a way, I’ve even begun to adopt it as a part of me. Psoriasis makes me and I make psoriasis.


It all started with a little patch at the back of my head. That patch has evolved since. Now the symptoms of my scalp psoriasis can be pretty random – sometimes on the crown of my head, sometimes right at the nape along my hairline or sometimes just somewhere on my head. All I can say is my psoriasis feels like a kind of infestation underneath my hair. It is there. Always there. Infesting away. And the proof of its infestation? Flakes falling from my head when I brush my hair – ‘snowflakes’ falling non-stop ūüôĀ


That was the beginning. In the last few years, guttate psoriasis started to develop on my skin. I first noticed dots of them on my body Рmy legs in particular. Their appearance then gradually became more and more prominent and frequent. Today, I know for a fact that I am also a sufferer of guttate psoriasis. They appear mainly on my legs and they are here on an on-and-off basis. When I sense any skin itchiness, I know they have flared up and I have to slap loads of steroid ointment on them before they get any worse.


This is not quite personal development-related. Not directly anyway. My psoriasis¬†has however, contributed to and affected my happiness in one way or another. So, I think it is a relevant subject to be included on Sterling Happiness.¬†Another reason I have decided to dedicate a whole section to this subject is because I would like to create a better general awareness on psoriasis.¬†While psoriasis is more or less known in the more developed countries, it is still relatively unknown in less developed countries. In fact, where I am from, it took me years to finally get a name for my condition. I remember that moment being quite a revelation for me. With a clear medical name for my scalp psoriasis finally, I could at least know what I was treating… and it was definitely not ‘dandruff’.

I will share more on this subject from time to time but I would also welcome comments from those of you out there who are suffering from psoriasis in any form, or if you know anyone who are suffering from it.

By the way, a little learning for today: Do you know that psoriasis is also commonly (or I’d say sinisterly) referred to as simply ‘P’?


*Photo Credit: enerva