What Your Face Says About Your Health

What Your Face Says About Your HealthMy mother is always be able to tell when I am stressed or when I am unwell. She would take just one look at me and say things like, “You have issues with constipation” and chances are she would be absolutely right! When I asked her once how was she able to tell, she then explained to me how the little things on my face would normally give away the tell-tale signs of what was wrong. She also explained how our face is regarded as the window to our health. And of course not to mention the obvious – mothers always know best (about their own children)!

So here are a few obvious things that our faces say about our health that we’d better be aware of:

When this happens, it means that I have over-cleansed my face with oil-free products, so much so that the skin on my face is producing even more oil to compensate for initial stripping it away initially. I will immediately go easy on any oil-free products I am using so that I can recover the natural balance of my skin.

This is harder to treat as it is usually down to individuals. For some people, it can be due to hormonal imbalance or even diet, whereas for some it can be due to general hygiene (makeup brushes, pillowcases, lots of exposure to filthy environment). In my case, any breakouts tend to be associated with hormonal imbalance, so I try to follow a certain ritual relating to diet, hydration and cleansing to keep those spots and breakouts away. In addition, I also meditate to de-stress as part of my ritual these days.

Lack of sleep is the number one suspect for puffy eyes. However, puffy eyes can also be attributed to allergies, fluid retention, ageing or even heredity. If the cause of your puffy eyes is lack of sleep, then you must try to get more sleep! For me, I sometimes get puffy eyes due to fluid retention and in order to fix that, I make sure that I do not take too much fluid in the evening. I have also been advised to sleep on a bulkier pillow to keep my head elevated, hence keeping the fluid from collecting under my eyes…

I rarely had chapped lips while living in Malaysia. Nowadays, it seems to be a common recurrence for me, so I would say that my chapped lips are weather-related. However, I do know that there are other causes of chapped lips such as medication, illnesses, stress or even poor diet. So you will need to observe or seek out medical advice to understand why you have chapped lips if you have chapped lips.