Are You Making The Most Out of Your Life?

How can you make the most out of your life?

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10 Things to be Grateful For

I know all of us have things to be grateful for in our lives. In random order (in fact, there is no order because each and everything listed below is equally important to me), here are…

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5 Reasons Why Meditation Is Good For You

A lot has been said about meditation these days. More and more people are beginning to realise how good meditation is for them. It has taken me a while.., well actually a LONG while but I have now…

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How to Avoid a Burnout in Life

Sometimes life can get so frantic that if we are not careful, we can get so overwhelmed and experience a burnout. I have had that before and there was even a time when…

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How to Control Perfectionism

I grew up in a conventional Asian environment where my family have put in really high hopes in me. From young, it had been drummed into me that winning is everything in life. As a result, I became very…

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3 Tips on Taking Risks in Life

No risk no gain. That is a common phrase I hear quite often these days. Some people also say that life itself is a risk.

I do agree with all of that. To a certain extent.

It is very true indeed that some…

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3 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity

Having started Sterling Happiness, I now have to plan my time on the weekends especially on preparing the content to share with my readers. It can be rather challenging because besides being motivated, I also need to be as…

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