3 Tips on Taking Risks in Life

No risk no gain. That is a common phrase I hear quite often these days. Some people also say that life itself is a risk.

I do agree with all of that. To a certain extent.

It is very true indeed that some…

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3 Easy Ways to Exercise Without Exercising

In our daily lives, there are a lot of activities that we are already doing which constitute as some form of exercise. However, to…

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3 Simple Steps to Increase Productivity

Having started Sterling Happiness, I now have to plan my time on the weekends especially on preparing the content to share with my readers. It can be rather challenging because besides being motivated, I also need to be as…

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My Personal Development Goals for October 2015

Tick tock tick tock… and in just a few days we will be in October. How time flies!

As I was lying in bed last night, I thought about what I want to work on and achieve in October. It would be a good idea to actually…

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Flare Up of P Symptoms

In the recent weeks, my scalp and guttate P have flared up. I attributed this to a variety of obvious reasons:


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The Ultimate Pros of Being Self-Employed

Making the decision to be self-employed takes courage. Acting on that decision takes even more courage. A lot more.

If you are reading this, I reckon…

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6 Steps for Leading a Successful Project Kick-Off Meeting

My current role in the corporate world requires me to run many different projects with different teams from time to time. Each time when I am tasked with a new project, I will arrange a kick-off meeting with everyone as a way to …

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