This will be a blogging experiment of trial-and-error for me throughout the journey of growing Sterling Happiness… Being a complete non-techie person, I am basically learning about all things techie from the very scratch. Along the way, I am sure I will make some mistakes and get frustrated… but I think it is more important that I learn from them ultimately.

Here you will find a compilation of any useful tools, tips or tricks that I manage to discover and apply over time in my effort to grow and improve Sterling Happiness.  The resources list here will evolve, so be sure to come back and check this page from time to time!

Note: Some links below are affiliate links and I will earn a commission if you decide to make a purchase via the links. (If you are making any purchases via these links, I am eternally very grateful!) 

Just so you know, I am recommending these products/services only because they are companies which I know to be credible and helpful. Please do select and only purchase what you feel will be useful to you. 


bh-ppc-banners-dynamic-180x150If you read my article on how to start and set up your blog, you would know that getting a web hosting company to host your domain is essential. For this purpose, I am highly recommending Bluehost!






A bare and naked blog would look really unappealing to your audience. Now that you have set up your blog, you might want to spend a bit of time dressing it up with a nice theme. I spent ages on this part and I think you will and you should, too.

There are so many great themes out there and those provided by those listed below  prove to be super popular among bloggers. Their themes are also highly rated for ease of use, availability of options and are reasonably priced among the premium themes. Do check them out!

1. Elegant Themes

2. Thesis Themes

3. StudioPress Themes (Genesis Framework)

4. If you like my theme, please try out ColorMag which is a free WP theme. It is highly customiseable but if you need more customisation like I do, then ColorMag Pro, the premium paid version is the one to go for!



I use a few plugins for Sterling Happiness at the moment and I am still learning and discovering some others. Here are a few that I recommend for you (being a non-techie like me) to start with:


This is a spam-fighting tool for your blog. It protects your blog from those nasty spammers so you do not have to waste your time trying to weed out those spams manually. Activate it!

Limit Login Attempts

Please get this. The name says it all. It is a security plugin that ensures your website is safe by blocking any internet address from continuing to log in after a specified failed attempts. Better be safe than sorry!

Broken Link Checker

I have just installed and activated this plugin and I am glad I did! As soon as it was activated, it already found one broken link on Sterling Happiness. Based on just this one experience, I urge you to get this NOW (and it is free, too). Can’t be too careful, can you?